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Measurement services


Thin films deposition via plasma magnetron sputtering

LabLine Kurt J. Lesker Plasma Sputtering System
5 magnetron targets, 4 DC and one RF
One magnetron target for magnetic materials
4 substrates holder with automated indexing for deposition of individual or multi-layers
Substrates heater up to 450 C
2 Quartz thickness rate monitors (resolution 0.1 A/s)


Atomic Force Microscopy

Park NX 10 SPM
Magnetic Force Microscopy with in-situ H field
Piezo-Force Microscopy
Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy
Sample thermal heating stage (up to 120 C)


Optical IR non-contact GMR testing

Home made system
IR reflection measurement of magneto-refractive effect
B field up to 0.5T
RT operation
Nitrogen cooled HCT IR detector


Piezo-tester and polarization hyteresis loop tracer

aixPES Piezo-ferroelectrics tester
RT to 650 C operation temperature for bulk
RT to 120 C operation temperature for thin films
Piezo-displacement with resolution of pm
PE loops, capacitance and dielectric function measurements
Pyroelectric measurements
Fully versatile for customized testing including retention, fatigue and time effects


Bulk ceramics fabrication line


Cryogenic VSM and MR multi-physics testing

Vibrating Sample Magnetometer
Superconducting 3T magnet
4 - 700 K VSM operation
Cryogen free closed circuit He compressor
Magneto-resistance, I-V and Hall effect measurement probe
4 - 400 K operation for electrical testing probe


Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) - particle sizer


Magneto-Optic Kerr Effect Instrument


Magnetically induced Magneto-Electric coupling tester


1.8 GHz Impedance Analyser

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