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Liam Soomary wins the 2018 AMS award for the Best Materials Physics Project

Congratulations to Liam Soomary for winning the 2018 Applied Materials Society award for the Best Materials Physics Project, for his work on Surface Characterization on SiC. Liam's work was a combination of research undertaken in Poland within an ERASMUS exchange visit and at the University of Portsmouth under the supervision of Dr Krupski.

Applied Materials Society - 2018 Award
for the best Materials Physics Level 6 project

The Award is in recognition of the most interesting and detailed research project in Condensed Matter Physics at level 6 undertaken during the 2017 - 2018 academic year. The winning research could be either theoretical or experimental, but the topic is restricted to Materials Science, Condensed Matter and Solid State Physics research. The AMS will announce the winner of this award at the Physics graduation poster conference in May 2018.
13th of December 2017
Meet a Physicist Outreach event at the UoP

Our biannual A-level Physics Taster Days will be held at the University of Portsmouth on December 13th. As part of the day, academics from ICG and Physics / Applied Physics plan to hold a 'Meet a Physicist' session. In addition, Dr Vopson together with Dr Rogers and Mr Belusky will offer our visitors lab tours and practical demonstrations.
22nd of June 2017
Physical Review B paper accepted

On 22nd of June 2017, Dr Vopson and Prof. Tan from Iowa State University received the acceptance of their Phys Rev B article on "Nonequilibrium polarization dynamics in antiferroelectrics"
19th of June 2017
External Academic Visitor

On 19th and 20th of June 2017, our international collaborator, Dr. Silapunt from King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Bangkok, Thailand visited Applied Materials Research Group. Dr Vopson and Dr Silapunt also discussed current recent projects, future student exchanges and the initiation of a joint Newton visiting grant.
10th of April 2017
Invited lecture & research visit at Valahia University, Romania

During 10 - 14 April Dr Vopson undertook a research visit to University of Bucharest and Valahia University. Both are signatory of ERASMUS + agreements with Physics, University of Portsmouth.
7th of December 2016
Meet a Physicist Outreach event at the UoP

Our biannual A-level Physics Taster Days will be held at the University of Portsmouth on the afternoon of December 7th. As part of the day, academics from ICG and Applied Physics plan to hold a 'Meet a Physicist' session. This will be set up like a speed-networking activity, and in each half hour session, ~20 A-level students will separate into smaller groups and spend ~5 min talking to each of us about things like: research, what is a day at work, what made us want to do physics / astrophysics / cosmology, what our experience at university was like, and what we think of the University of Portsmouth as a place to study physics.
22nd of November 2016
External Academic Visitor

Prof. Yuri Fetisov from Moscow Technical University will visit Applied Materials Research Group on 21st of November 2016. There will be a seminar offered on his latest research.
21st of November 2016
ERASMUS site visit at the University of Bucharest

Applied Physics, University of Portsmouth signed a new ERASMUS agreement with the University of Bucharest. Dr. Vopson will undertake the first one day site visit on 21st of November.
8th of Nov. 2016
Project kick start meting with Kurt J. Lesker

Our Industrially co-funded project investigating the growth of flexible thin films using LabLine plasma sputtering in collaboration with Kurt J Lesker has commenced on 1st of Oct. 2016 with the official project kick start meeting taking place on 8th of Nov. 2016.
4th of Oct. 2016
Discovery of memory effect in anti-ferroelectrics published

Our research article published with collaborators from Iowa State University has just bee accepted for publication.
M. Vopson, X. Tan, 4-state anti-ferroelectric random access memory, Electron Device Letters, in-press (2016)

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Read the group's latest publication:
M. Vopson, G. Caruntu, X. Tan, Polarization reversal and memory effect in anti-ferroelectric materials, Scripta Materialia, Vol. 128, 61-64 (2017)

Melvin Vopson, Multicaloric effect: an outlook, Physica B: Condensed Matter. 513, 103-105 (2017)


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